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Our new Australian Prime Wealth Specialists have been busy running Zoom presentations to help people understand and improve their financial position. Here’s what some of them had to say about the service:


“Leila has been lovely and helpful throughout the process of navigating my new SMSF. Very different from normal Superannuation and a little daunting but made easier with accessibility to help when needed.”

Jason H.


“Great customer service , fast and informative knowledge of services provided . Extremely happy with my experiences with Swordfish in the short time I have been with them . Look forward to the future .”

Derek B.


“Life changing yet so simple to do. Really happy I took the leap with Swordfish :) ”

Susan S.


“Being a builder all my life and working hard for a living was the only thing I knew. When I hit my fifties, things were getting tougher. I realised that I had very little in terms of retirement plans and knew that it was time to look at other avenues. After meeting with Wendy from Swordfish Prime Services, my initial nerves quickly turned into excitement and I’m now looking forward to fixing up the rest of my mortgage in 5 to 6 years instead of 15. This has set me on a much better path heading into retirement and I've discovered other income streams to sustain me over and above what my Pension will. I’m incredibly grateful to the team at Swordfish Prime Services for helping me realise this potential.”

Dave S.



“We were late starters in buying our own home, having focused on growing our businesses for so many years. This meant we had quite a large mortgage and a daunting task of 30 years left to pay it off. Melissa saw something from Swordfish Services on her Facebook about ways to reduce your mortgage, which jumped out at her. After a quick phone call they came out to see us and basically did an overhaul of our finances. Five years later and we have knocked twenty years off our home loan - this is unbelievable and we are so incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us achieve this goal. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

Brad & Melissa J.

Cafe Owners


“I met with Aaron from Swordfish Prime Services, after answering an ad they had placed in the local paper regarding reducing my tax bill. My earnings fall into the 100K+ bracket and I'd never really known how to go about reducing the tax I pay on this. I was really impressed with the personalised service that Aaron provided and found the Prime Wealth Guide to be an invaluable tool in mapping out a pathway to achieving my financial goals. I feel far more confident going into my retirement now and would highly recommend Swordfish Prime Services to anyone wanting to better their financial position.”

Jimmy S.



“You guys rocked out right from the word go. Thank you so much for helping me get my ducks in a row with my tax. It was so easy - all I needed to do was make a few tweaks here and there and I now feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Aaron P.

IT Consultant


Jane & Nick D.


“I had absolutely no idea that I could use the equity in my own home to buy another property. After spending some time with my Swordfish Rep, I felt like a financial whiz and they made the process all so easy. Thank you team for having my best interests at heart, Jen.”

Jennifer D.

Pediatric Nurse